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Adult Development

If you are interested in learning more about adult development theory and its practical application, or if you are a person who is interested in your own development, we’d love to partner with you. We offer workshops, webinars and an assessment tool to support you on your developmental journey as a human being, a coach or a leader.

Chris Wahl


Series of ten webinars designed to help coaches better understand how to use poems in a coaching relationship. This course is ICF-approved. For more information, contact Chris Wahl: 



Adult Development Webinars Available for Purchase

Are you yearning to know more about the various stages of development? Are you curious about what 

differentiates one stage from another? Would you like to have resources and tools for supporting both horizontal and vertical development across the stages?

This webinar series is designed for just those purposes. We have recorded a two-part webinar for each of the five stages you are most likely to meet and work with. You can choose one stage or several, and listen as Chris and her colleague, Barbara Braham, describe the stage and offer examples from their rich experience as coaches working from a developmental perspective. Part 1 of each series introduces you to the stage, common concerns of people at that stage and typical blind spots. Part 2 covers tools and resources most useful for a person at that stage. Each session runs between 45 and 60 minutes.


The following series are available:

  • Group-centric (formerly Diplomat, stage 3)

  • Skill-centric (formerly Expert, stage 3/4)

  • Self-determining (formerly Achiever, stage 4)

  • Self-questioning (formerly Individualist/Pluralist, stage 4/5)

  • Self-actualizing (formerly Strategist, stage 5)

Once you select a series, we will send you a link to watch and/or listen to that series. Your link will be good for 30 days. One series is $200. Each additional series is $175. The entire series is $900.

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What is Adult Development?

There is a growing body of compelling and fascinating work that documents how people develop across their lifespans. Development does not stop just because you reach your twenties. Research at Harvard and other academic institutions that began in the 1970’s has uncovered what are called adult stages of development.


That research is now being applied to leadership development to help leaders manage complexity, ambiguity, and transformational change. We’re learning that in our fast, changing, complex world, leaders who commit to their own development are the ones who will be capable of leading transformational change. You can imagine how important this can be for communities, organizations, governments, and the world.


As you move through the stages of development, your capacity for seeing multiple perspectives expands, your emotional intelligence deepens and your time horizon lengthens. The stages of development enable you to understand your evolution from growing up and achieving biological adulthood to showing up, and being responsible for your commitments, to waking up and stepping into your potential, with expanded capacity to see, perceive, and deal with yourself honestly.  You can learn about your personal developmental journey using the resources we offer on this site.


We are dedicated to helping people understand their own development, given the complexities we all face. Join us in learning what it means to develop and expand your meaning-making.


If any of the following resonate for you…

  • interested in your own development and fascinated by what may be next for you

  • interested in how to coach others using a developmental perspective

  • interested in how to expand your capacity as a leader

  • sometimes wondering what is next, and feeling uncertain

  • feeling like you are changing and you can’t figure out why

  • feeling like you are outgrowing your life as it is now

  • wanting to help yourself deal more effectively with ambiguity and complexity

  • just generally a ‘seeker’

…an in-depth understanding of the stages of development can make a meaningful difference for you.


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