Chris Wahl

Leadership & Organizational Development
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Chris Wahl, M.A.Ed, MCC, is an executive coach and organization development consultant who brings the theory and practicalities of how adults develop into all of her coaching with senior leaders and their leadership teams. Chris is the founder of the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Certificate Program, an internationally renowned program accredited by the ICF, and the first to offer adult development as part of its certified coach training curriculum.


Chris is certified as a developmental coach by the Interdevelopmental Institute. She also studied with Susanne Cook-Greuter and is certified to score and debrief the Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP). She has used the MAP in numerous corporate, non-profit, and government settings and has helped teams assess their center of gravity and learning edges. Chris has special interest in developmental transitions, and supports coaches and leaders who are in transition. Chris and Barbara offer retreats on meaningful developmental topics, and they teach adult development courses for leaders and coaches, both within organizations and privately. Chris has written articles, hosted podcasts, been interviewed on NPR, authored two books, and delivered keynotes on various topics related to coaching, leadership, and adult development.

Barbara Braham, Ph.D.

Leadership & Organizational Development
Barbara Braham LLC

Barbara Braham, Ph.D., MCC, is an OD practitioner who takes a developmental approach to coaching leaders and their teams. Since 2005 she has studied adult development theory with Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter and is certified to both score and debrief the Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP), the most well-researched tool available to assess one’s stage of development. Barbara facilitated a 17-month program with Dr. Cook-Greuter to certify an international cohort to score the MAP, has personally scored nearly 2,000 MAPs and has conducted hundreds of debriefs. She serves on the faculty of the Georgetown Institute for Transformational Leadership where she teaches developmental theory to both aspiring coaches and leaders. She has worked with organizations in the financial, pharmaceutical, consulting, government, military and transportation industries to introduce them to developmental approaches to leader development. She offers public programs in the form of training and webinars with Chris Wahl to coaches and leaders interested in a developmental approach. An accomplished author, she has written eleven books. She also conducted a study on what supports vertical development and a second study exploring the place of despair in late-stage (Construct-aware) individuals.