Poetry As A Coaching Move

Photo by Eric Muhr on Unsplash

Has a line of poetry ever inspired you? Provided solace? Challenged your thinking? This webinar series is designed to offer you an experience of working with a wide variety of poems (and poets) that you can potentially offer to your clients as a way to invoke, evoke and provoke.


Beginning in February 2020, each month we will take a theme and explore poems that address that theme. The dates, time and topics for each webinar are listed below. We have purposefully left themes for the last two webinars open so that the community can co-create those topics.


In each 60-minute webinar we will offer two to three poems, provide some background on the poet and look at coaching applications for the poem. We will send you the poem titles in advance of each webinar, with a link to each of the poems when possible. The webinars are not designed to analyze the poems; they are designed to feel into the poem and notice how it speaks to you. This series is limited to 15 participants to enable maximum participation. The cost for the entire series is $995.


Webinars will be held from 11am - Noon ET on the following dates, on the Zoom platform. Each session will be recorded.

February 24: Self-discovery

April 6: Purpose

May 11: Listening

June 1: Grief/Loss

July 6: Transformation

August 3: Courage

September 14: Love

October 5: Aging

November 2: Topic TBD

December 7: Topic TBD

The webinar will take place on the Zoom platform. You will receive information on how to access the platform after we have received your completed registration form and payment.

To attend, please click "Register" and fill out the registration form. After completing the form, please click "Buy Now" to purchase the package of webinars. In the event you cancel your registration, there is a $50 non-refundable administration fee.

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