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Understanding Stage Theory: A Webinar for Coaches

Understanding stage theory continues to be a competitive advantage that grounds coaches in discerning exactly how to meet their clients where the client makes meaning. Have you ever wanted more depth around a particular stage, whether for a client or your own development, without needing to attend a day long or multi-day class? Now you can attend a three-part webinar on each of these stages: Skill-centric, Self-determining, Self-questioning, Self-actualizing. Each webinar series consists of three 60-minute sessions that cover the basics of the stage such as common concerns and blind spots, resources that coaches can use with each stage, meaningful coaching moves as well as time for case studies and Q&A. You can select just one stage or any combination of stages.

SCHEDULE (sign up for one, or any combination of webinars)

  • Skill-centric (Expert) stage

      Date and Time TBD in November​

  • Self-determining (Achiever) stage
    Date and Time TBD in November

  • Self-questioning (Pluralist/Individualist) stage
    Date and Time TBD in November

  • Self-Actualizing (Strategist) stage
    Date and Time TBD in November

The webinar will take place on the Zoom platform. You will receive information on how to access the platform after we have received your completed registration form and payment. All webinars will be recorded. ICF CEUs will be awarded for all participants who attend.

To attend, please click "Register" and fill out the registration form. After completing the form, please click "Buy Now" for the appropriate package of webinars you registered for. In the event you cancel your registration, there is a $50 non-refundable administration fee.

All 4 Webinars

$1090 for all four 3-session webinars. $100 nonrefundable registration fee.

2 Webinars

$590 for two 3-session webinars. $100 nonrefundable registration fee.

3 Webinars

$795 for three 3-session webinars. $100 nonrefundable registration fee.

1 Webinar

$295 for one 3-session webinar. $100 nonrefundable registration fee.
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